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01 May 2015 - Helloooooo, Internet

Here is me, rebooting my blog after a long absence for about the umpty-billionth time.

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29 Jun 2014 - A Long Overdue Update

Phase 2 of the renovation finally begins!

From A Lady and A Gentleman of Property

01 Jun 2013 - A Cubba for a Bubba

First attempt at parental crafting.

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08 Jan 2013 - A Taste of Weaving

Trying out yet another new craft.

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05 Jan 2013 - Lucky 2013

New year, deep breath, another "blog reboot"?

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18 Aug 2012 - And Now For Something Slightly Different

Complimentary handcrafts

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22 Jul 2012 - Tour de Fleece

Racing along with my spinning. Sort of. Relativistically.

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26 Jun 2012 - Small Things

Let's continue the discussion of things done right.

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23 Jun 2012 - I ATE'NT DEAD

There have been crafts. I just haven't finished taking the photos yet.

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22 Jun 2012 - Hoist the Mainsail - Part 3 of 3

Continued — FINALLY — from part 2.

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Creak, creak

Hey, look! New content. There's a reason I've been quiet— I've been working hard on a new house. And now there's a new house blog!

12 Jan 2009

Comments Fixed

Um, in my over-zealousness to filter out some dumbass posting links to online poker sites in my comments, I kinda broke my comments script without realising it. Oops. Sorry if you were trying to leave me a legitimate comment over the past few days.

I mean, it's usually quiet, but not that quiet. And I was so proud of myself for shutting up that spammer! Heh. Oh well.

15 Jul 2005

Featured Mini-Site: My Russian Diary

Before I moved to Oz, I was in the process of copying my handwritten diary from June and July 1994, recounting my first trip overseas. I spent three weeks in St Petersburg, Russia, with a family friend and native.

The online version includes the text in my diary, some of my doodles and scanned in photos, and a few extra footnotes that sprang to mind as I re-read the thoughts of my sixteen-year-old self. I have now ensconsed it for digital posterity (as posteritous as that can be) up here on my web site to be ogled and googled by all. I hope you enjoy it.

08 Jun 2005

Featured Mini-Site: All Things White and Circular

One of the problems of compartmentalising my personality is that my site loses an organic quality. It might be harder to come across different things serendipitously. Instead of being featured in and amongst daily life gabs, my poetry and writing are cordoned off in their own section.

I'm just writing a little blurb here about All Things White and Circular, which is my writing journal. It's a formal attempt at documenting many aspects of my writing process, in addition to publishing fully-formed poems and stories. I've noticed that it doesn't really get the occasional comment the way The Daily Geek does. This might be telling me something about my writing journal, but, on the other hand, I want to give it a chance to have some attention and draw it into the forefront just as I am trying to rekindle my creative writing attempts in my personal life.

So if you're reading this, give it a look, see if you find anything interesting to say about anything I've written, and leave a comment for me so I know it's not a wasted effort!

The Management

05 Feb 2004

About Japanese New-Girl Monkey

Japanese New-Girl Monkey and Friend

When I was six years old, I had a little stuffed monkey. When someone asked me what her name was, I said, "Japanese New-Girl Monkey." Why I said that, I can't possibly fathom anymore. Such things are lost with adulthood.

Japanese New-Girl Monkey encompasses all you see here, along with my alter-ego, The Geek Icon. You can find out more about me personally there.

This site and domain were originally developed in the summer of 2000 when I bought and set up my very own web server. When I was thinking of domain names, I knew one of them had to reflect the whimsical name I dreamt up as a little girl. Japanese New-Girl Monkey is both wise and silly, not unlike the best of messages found inside fortune cookies.

Be sure to eat all your bananas with chopsticks.

Note: this page is subject to change when I've had time to think of a proper "about" spiel.

23 Oct 2003

New and Improved?

If you've ever been here before, you'll be noticing some changes. Please bear with me as I shuffle stuff around. Not all links will be working necessarily, but I'll try to make the update as quick and painless as possible.

The new JNGM net home page will act as a portal to the rest of the mini-sites contained on jngm.net and geekicon.net. Most new content will be provided in weblog format. JNGM News will contain updated relevant to the whole network of pages.

Hopefully you can find your way around the new site, but I will be attempting to make clear where things have moved (if they have). In the meantime, you'll have to live with the mess!

23 Oct 2003