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Career Ideals & Goals

Career Goals

The types of jobs I find most interesting include the following.

  • I am a maker. I prefer a role where I am actively involved in the creation of software or some other end product.
  • I am interested in many aspects of software development, especially design and development of web services and applications.
  • I am comfortable in programming with many different languages using different platforms and systems.
  • I prefer a job that is flexible and dynamic, where I can work on many different projects or types of projects.


The type of company where I'd most like to work would fit the following criteria.

  • I prefer an intimate working environment, at a smaller company, where I deal with a consistent group of people from day to day.
  • I like to work in a relaxed atmosphere, where I have potentially flexible hours.
  • I am willing to receive benefits and job perks over a higher salary or wage.
  • I prefer not to be micromanaged, although I have no objections to accounting for my time or receiving direction about job tasks.

Personal Work Ethic

Ideals I aspire to in my work are among the following.

  • Clear communication is vital. I do my best to understand all requirements of a project and to point out potential pitfalls or complications that may arise.
  • I am a natural perfectionist, and try to complete projects to my best ability.
  • Many of my skills are self taught, and I am often motivated to learn new skills when I can.
  • I feel it is my responsibility as an employee not only to complete my work, but to complete it quickly, efficiently, thoroughly, and most importantly, to the satisfaction of my employers as well as to my own.

Website Development Ethic

In building websites I attempt to adhere to the following.

  • I value the importance of the standards as set by the W3C and comply with them where possible.
  • I appreciate the movement in web development to create semantically relevant HTML pages, where styles and layout are determined by CSS.
  • I do not believe in sacrificing function and usability for design and appearance.