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Job Skills

Graphical Design

Design and Layout

Background in creating layout of and graphical elements for web sites and user interfaces using software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Skill Level: Good 9/13

Technical Skills


Thorough knowledge of composing documents in HTML, XML, and transforming XML data into HTML

Skill Level: Expert 13/13

SharePoint Server 2010/2013

Installation, configuration, administration, and customisation for MOSS 2007

Skill Level: Expert 13/13


Thorough knowledge of creating applications using Microsoft's .NET platform and using Visual Studio.NET

Skill Level: Accomplished 12/13


Layout of HTML web pages using Cascading Style Sheets.

Skill Level: Accomplished 12/13


Experience in coding in C-related programming languages, including C++ and C#

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13


Background in writing database queries for SQL Server

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13

Server Management and Operations

Ensuring the ongoing stable operation of server infrastructure including OS management, software maintenance, and capacity management, and diagnosis of problems.

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13


Practice developing embedded Perl scripts for dynamic web sites.

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13


Creation of new and customisation of existing JavaScript client side scripts in web sites

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13


Use of Subversion and related tools for revision control and source code governance.

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13


Experience in coding in the Visual Basic programming language, including the scripting language VBScript

Skill Level: Good 9/13

Database Design

Ability to design and structure data models according to normal forms in order to make information useful

Skill Level: Fair 8/13


Practice developing cgi scripts in the interpreted language Python

Skill Level: Average 7/13

Joomla CMS

Use of and development for the Joomla content management system / platform.

Skill Level: Average 7/13

General Skills

Team Leadership

Day-to-day leadership of small teams, such as assigning tasks, providing guidance, and co-ordinating and communicating with team members.

Skill Level: Adept 11/13


Taking logical technical troubleshooting steps to discover the source of a problem and resolve it.

Skill Level: Adept 11/13

Writing and Editing

High natural ability in English composition and editing written compositions.

Skill Level: Proficient 10/13

ITIL IT Service Management

Incident, problem, and change management standard practices and processes.

Skill Level: Good 9/13


Background in various clerical and office skills, including answering phones and letters, filing, typing and data entry

Skill Level: Good 9/13